ABOUT ME – SScherff


Welcome, my name is Sandy Scherff! I grew up in Missouri with my mother and father and 3 siblings.  My Dad was a grain farmer and my mother was a teacher.  As you can imagine there was never a whole lot of money to go around for extras!  I learned early on that hard work brought money for the things we needed but not necessarily for the things we wanted.  Our family learned to share and work as a team to get things done around the farm.  As a kid I would help my mom with all the cooking, laundry and housework so my mom could help with other things.  I spent my spare time working on my studies as I felt my education was very important.  I wanted more for myself once I graduated High School.  I also needed to make sure I got a scholarship once it was time for college.  Of course don't get me wrong, we had fun too!  We spent many a day riding our bikes all over the farm and discovering all the different aspect of nature. Once I graduated High School, I went to college for Business Education. 

While I was still in college, I got married and we eventually started a family.  Once out of college, I worked as an office administrator until I retired.  About 10 years before I retired, my husband and I started looking at ways we could make money during our retirement to increase our ability to travel and spend time with our kids and grand kids. 

We started searching for options and we found Network Marketing! We were so excited about the possibilities and we jumped right in! We did everything they told us to do! We made our list of friends and family, we did hotel meetings, we did cold calling, newspaper ads, and talking to anyone that got within 3 feet of us! We quickly found out that we really didn't like this way of doing business and it was taking all of our time with very little results. Unfortunately, we gave up! 

After retiring, I started looking back into Network Marketing because everything had changed by now.  Companies were online and I wanted to try it out again.  I joined a new company and got busy right away but guess what...they told me to do the same things as we had done before! Geesh! Not again I thought! 

I knew there had to be a better way! I started looking online for new strategies and found Attraction Marketing!  This is when everything changed for my business.  No more chasing down my friends and family, no more driving for hotel meetings, no more cold calling.  Now I am bringing people to me that are already interested in what I have to offer.   My prospects now are ready to go to work and look forward to a new way of doing business online. 

I now have a community of mentors and coaches along with new strategies that help me propel my business forward everyday! If you are ready to change the way you do business online, connect with me today for a FREE 30 Minute Consult and let's get you started! 

With love, 

Sandy xo